Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tomorrow's schedule

1.  Get up & make coffee.
2.  Drink coffee & chill while eating cold pizza ( it may not be classy but it is good).
3.  Take drugs.
4.  Make a cinnomon maple syrup pie.( I make it allll the time, I made it today actually).
5.  Post it on my blog ( :
6.  Have a good day.
7. Eat more & drink more coffee.
8.  Eat more & drink more coffee.
9. Go to a gay club with friends (this may not happen because I don't have that many ciggarettes left, plus Idk how I will pay for anything all night.
10. Twirl around in my new red leather vest (tomorrow I promise I will show you just how amazing it was in a vintage srote for $50. Damn.

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